Writing Dissertations

As students, we have fun, we suffer, we cry, we learn, we enjoy itÂ… and sometimes we even fight with our professors or butt heads with the program director. It’s all just part of the process.

But, as a student, and now as a professional, I can tell you that without a doubt, the hardest part of the entire process is the dreaded dissertation or thesis. In fact they are so dreaded that some even look to buy dissertation online.

There are so many questions: What do I research? How do I start? Should I look for an easy theme or something complex? Who should my mentor be? Without a doubt, questions like this can overcome us.

However, when it comes to thesis, there is no need to stress out so much. In my experience in writing dissertations, and remembering the stories of my friends, I have been able to pick out a few tips that can help you in writing your dissertation.

First, be wise when selecting a theme. This is fundamental. Why? Simply because the theme that you select has much to do with your near future. Don’t try and convert yourself into the super student that picks a theme they like and ends up with a full thesis. Do work that can be done on time and with good results. That is your best option.

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Next, when considering whether to do your work with a group or solo, consider that it requires very much patience and coordination to do the work in group. It needs to be strategic, and not just with anyone or your best friend from the program. Why? Obvious. Everyone has to assume complete responsibility for their part of the work. And if the people putting the work in are not on the same page, let alone the same level, things will get hard, and you may end up at the last minute looking to buy dissertation online.