What Brand of Boxing Pads is the Best?

When you are in the ring boxing, a good pair of boxing gloves and pads are needed to help you perform your best and protect your hands. The boxing pads that you choose is just as important as the gloves. Do not think that you can purchase any pads and get satisfaction because you’ll be sadly disappointed when the day is done. Rather than take such a chance, look at these brands. Choosing one of the names below ensures that you get pads that provide the protection that you are looking for without robbing you blind.


Rival is one of the best names in the boxing world. When you own, products bearing this name, you know that you are getting something that will provide you with durability, exceptional use, and more. Rival has been a name that the sports world has known for a long time now.


Another top name for your boxing pads needs if RDX. This company is another leading name that has earned the trust of many in competitive fighting fields, including boxing and MMA. The brand offers an assortment of gloves and pads to suit your needs.


A third name that you might look for when buying pads is Venum. The name alone says the brand is one that is fierce, but once you use it, you will know that the name is backed up with the quality. Venum pads are priced affordably and designed to provide you superior comfort and protection.

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The three names listed above are among the best names in the industry. Which do you most prefer? Although there are many other brands out there, the three listed above will never let you down. Do not choose the wrong brand when you need pads for boxing.