Raising A Son As A Single Mother

Being a single mother is hard enough with all the times you need financial help, emotional support and all the other struggles that come with being a woman trying to raise a child on her own. Having a son makes this more difficult since mother often worry that their son will be missing out since their father isn’t around. There are ways you can raise your son to be a healthy man one day as a single mother.

need financial help

The first thing to avoid is letting any of your bitterness towards his father or men in general show in front of him, if you happen to be bitter. If you’re not bitter or upset about men, this won’t be a problem. If his father wasn’t a great guy, rather just avoid talking about the negative and instead focus on all the positive qualities that he had and that men can have when talking to your son. You want to raise him to be a better man than his father, but you won’t do that by being negative and telling him about how horrible his father was. Even if his dad isn’t around as a male role model, you can ensure he knows all the qualities a good man should have through positive comments and reinforcement.

If you’re concerned he’s becoming too feminine since there isn’t a male role model around the house, consider enrolling him into a boys group like the boy scouts or any other activity where he’ll be around little boys and older men who can serve as a role model. If you have any male family members who enjoy spending time with your son and that you trust, encourage them to teach your son about the masculine aspects of life. This will take some pressure of you and you can also turn to family when you need financial help.